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Make Dubstep Music: Easily Create Dubstep From Your Computer

If you’ve ever wanted to know, how can I make dubstep, then this article will inform you about a new software program that is allowing people just like you to make their very own dubstep beats with ease. Actually, you can make dubstep and pretty much any other kind of electronic music that you want and the best part is you don’t need to take a bunch of expensive music courses or spend a small fortune on high-end gear just to get your feet wet to see if you have what it takes.

What you sometimes find online when you are looking to make dubstep beats (or any music for that matter) is that if you want to make good sounding dubstep you need to have all kinds of music production knowledge, and expensive equipment to go with it! Well that is where this revolutionary beat making software solves your problems as it has a highly featured 10 pad beat maker, 4 octave keyboard, thousands of high quality sounds and more that you can choose from to make dubstep and any style of…

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Android Development – A Quick Start-Guide

Google’s android technology is an interesting, thought-provoking one that has android development gaining momentum across the world. A simple search on android brings out thousands of pages all discussing the potential this new piece of technology is giving the android application developer.

There are tutorials and articles, even sample codes that all serve the purpose of empowering the android application developer and implement various features of their creative software works. On some specific websites , sample codes offered include those of real-world android platform applications, that one can make and deploy. These codes clearly show all the amazing techniques in use in the android development environment.

There are also numerous articles with loads of tips, optimization strategies and DIY / how-to pieces, that give you the knowledge-base to further understand this particular environment as an android app developer. Tutorials seek to take you through the basics…

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How To Attract More Users To A Mobile App

If a mobile app is your business, it has to be immaculately constructed and maintained, and launched in the right moment. You have a supporting website (perhaps even your own blog), ads and app store optimization, you have dedicated pages on social networks, media releases, and app review websites. But what else should you know and keep in mind to attract more users to your product?

1. Screenshots on your application store page sometimes can say more than the concisest and well-thought descriptions. While descriptions in the first place must say what the app is, and the value it gives to users, screenshots must show it just as perfectly. If paid due attention, they’ll become a great incentive for people to give the app a try. Take a look at Secrets Of The Wizard (an iOS dream book and magic ball app) or Solar (an iOS weather forecast app). Their descriptions are clear and short, and screenshots are enough to realize what the app is about. Even haters of long texts…

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The Growth Of India’s Mobile App Industry

India’s mobile app industry has continued to flourish as mobile device usage continues to grow. Presently, India is the 2nd biggest mobile phone user with more than nine hundred million users in the world. Soon the country will rank among the top five nations for smartphones. By the year 2016, the country is expected to have about four hundred million Smartphone users, representing approximately ten percent of worldwide supply. The reasons for this boom include increased availability of 3G, quarterly reduction of handset prices, and increased competitiveness carrier charges. In the meantime, more and more Indians are swapping their PCs for smartphones. Today, forty one percent of Indians now use their smartphones to access the World Wide Web.

This rapid increase in mobile and Smartphone usage is an indication that India’s app market is massive and will continue to grow in the near future. Indian consumers download more than 150 million apps each month. These…

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Top Android Apps for Business Professionals

The Android mobile operating system is generally perceived to be for the mass market, while the niche segment is more inclined towards other ecosystems such as iPhone and the Windows mobile system. While it is true that these systems provide exclusivity and certain extremely useful applications, there are several apps on the Android platform that can be very useful for business professionals. In fact, there are several organizations that are migrating to Android for all official purposes. Here, we take a look at the most important business-oriented apps available on the Android app store:

Microsoft Office 365: One of the major assets of any organization is the entire Microsoft Office suite. While it was only available with Windows phone till date, Microsoft has now released an app that can be used to read and write documents on applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In fact, other applications such as Link, Outlook, OneNote can also be used as part of the…

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