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Top 5 goriest games for Android, download for Halloween


As almost everybody worldwide approaches that one day of the year where scary and violent is the staple for almost every movie, we give you a mini-tribute to Halloween ourselves – the top 5 bloodiest and goriest Android games you could ever install on your device. We’ll rate them for you from 1 to 5 on the gore factor, as you should be able to install these just for that one day of the year where you can play these games without being disturbed.

Postal (via Amazon Appstore)

This game gained notoriety when it was released in 1997, and for all intents and purposes it was a fairly unremarkable game. But the storyline is unique in that it invites gore and violence – a citizen who has gone “postal”, flipped out and basically just starts killing anyone that isn’t him. As you can imagine, that invitation to “gratuitous violence” has raised the eyebrows of some – very notably the Google Play Store, which has refused to allow this game on its lists. Don’t you worry though, Postal – recreated for Android – is available via the Amazon Appstore, and you can still play it in all its bloody glory.


Gore level: 5 – kill anyone that isn’t you
DOWNLOAD: Amazon Appstore

Surgeon Simulator

Despite the medical nature of the title of this game, it is not at all medical in the way you play it. The game forces anyone who plays it to become a surgeon, but you have to do your surgery with all manner of err… shall we say, “inappropriate” tools. Need your hands or legs replaced? Well, no problem – but first let me hack your old limbs off with a hacksaw. As you can imagine, this game may be funny in nature, but it is gory beyond all detail.


Gore level: 5 – you can’t escape getting bloody with this one
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


That title alone should give you the idea of what this game is all about. It’s a freeform driving game, this means you driver wherever you want to within the game – but the game disturbingly encourages you to hit every pedestrian you see. It give you bonus points for those “hits”, you see, and so what starts out as a driving game becomes a bloody mess. You can even hit the cows and see those disintegrate in a bloody explosion. What kind of game makes you hit cows?


Gore level: 4 – you can drive without hitting people, but where’s the fun in that?
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Dead Trigger 2

This has been voted by many in the gaming industry as probably the best zombie shooter ever, and Madfinger Games has gained a lot of gamer points from making this game. The outfit has produced a number of other games these days, but Dead Trigger 2 will remain in our memories for a while. The blood in the game mostly comes from zombies, and for zombie shooting games, that gore is the good kind. You can blast their heads off with high powered rifles and guns, or hurl a grenade over and enjoy the explosion of blood and severed zombie limbs.

Gore level: 3 – you don’t really get disturbed when it’s zombie blood you’re spilling
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Dead Space

This wouldn’t be a complete list of gory games if we didn’t include EA Games’ sci-fi horror mashup. Dead Space is cleverly imagined, a zombie horror-fest in outer space. The game has received some bad rep for having wonky controls on Android, but you can’t really deny the gore in the game. Imagine using a plasma saw to cut through hordes of Necromorphs and just deal glorious bloody damage to all of your undead opponents. You might find obvious satisfaction there, but you can’t deny its bloody violence.


Gore level: 4 – additional gore points for being in outer space
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

That should keep your need for gory games going through the whole of Halloween. Enjoy!

Decimate entire rival civilizations with Rapture – World Conquest


If you like playing that classic game Civilization, but you’ve always thought that it needs to be a little faster or a little more frenetic, then you’d be happy to know that there’s such a game available on Android devices. No, it’s not from the makers of Civilization, but it’s pretty close, if by close you mean a five-minute version of the game. Rapture – World Conquest is now available for Android devices, and ready for you to conquer worlds and vanquish your enemies.

Basically, you play a god looking out for your followers and helping them to escape the impending apocalypse by sending down “miracles” that will devastate the enemy. You can choose from among 12 different ones, including meteors, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes (now you understand why the need for quotation marks on miracles). And did we mention that you have to do this in just a five minute blitz? So basically, it really is Civilization on steroids.

You have 18 different civilizations to choose from, all of which you can control and lead to victory (if the enemy doesn’t decimate them of course). And you can actually choose to play against 3 of your friends who are also online or even on local wifi. But you can also try to go against strangers of course, so you won’t feel bad when you send a plague upon their houses. But at the end of the day, it’s how fast you strategize and how quickly you can implement these strategies that will win you the 5-minute game.

You can download Rapture – World Conquest from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available to help you along the way, but they’re also not necessary to be able to play the game.

UsBidi may be the smart charger you need for your smart device


While devices are getting smarter and smarter (and some may even be smarter than their human being), it seems like their batteries and their chargers are still left behind the “dark ages” (we mean, like 5 years behind their time). And so when products that plan to improve our charging lives come along, we sit up and pay attention. A Kickstarter campaign called UsBidi says they are the most intelligent charger ever!

So what makes this charger so smart? For one thing, when you’re fully charged, it will shut off the charging circuit so that your device will not overheat or won’t have those mini-charging cycles that contributes to the damage to your battery capacity. So even if you leave your smartphone or tablet charging overnight, it will not become “stressed” even if it’s plugged in. It also charges your phone twice as fast because it has the ability to stop data syncing so that it will focus solely on giving your phone or tablet juice.


It is also “stylish”, well as stylish as a charger can get. It has magnetic ends so you can stick it in places where magnets stick, and keeping it “mess free”. It also has a colorful, braided exterior so it can stand out from the plain colored default chargers and comes in 1, 3, or 6 feet options. It also has an LED indicator so that you can see your charging status at a glance.

The UsBidi has more than reached its $35,000 goal, showing that people are really hankering for a product like this. There are still 35 days to go for the campaign so if you feel like supporting it and getting the charger in return, do so before it ends.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

Speed Champions lets you put the “pedal to the metal” (well, the Lego)

lego speed1

When you were young and playing with Legos, you probably at one point built a car and pretended you were a world-class driver racing to the finish line. Well, you can make that dream come true now without actual Legos and using your mobile phone and your fingers. Lego Speed Champions is an action-packed arcade game that lets you race in some of the best racing cars in the world, brick-style of course.

The object of the game, if it isn’t that obvious yet, is to be the fastest car on the racetrack and beat all the other sports car competing against you. You can choose from among 6 of the most popular racing vehicles, like the red Ferrari, the McLaren Mercedes of the Porsche 911. And whenever you race, it’s always a different one as you face three challenges every time. In order to unlock new challenges, you need to collect studs (not the one you’re thinking of), stars and trophies whenever you win a race.

Screenshot 2015-10-29 20.25.15

Even as you take control of your sports car, you also need to avoid colliding with the other probably super competitive racers. Slipping and sliding is common, and so you need to avoid damaging your vehicle as much as possible. If you log in with your Lego ID, you can even play against your real friends. The leaderboard also shows off your score and position as you try to be the ultimate Lego Speed Champions.

lego speed3

The game is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. And there are no in-app purchases so you can just concentrate on racing away.

Screenshot 2015-10-29 20.25.41

Lithium-air can be the ‘ultimate’ battery, says Cambridge researchers

lithium air battery

There seems to be a move to make batteries stay longer than ever. We’ve heard of numerous scientific efforts already. The most recent we featured was the work of Waterloo researchers who discovered that using silicone anode materials instead of graphite anodes allowed them to create a low-cost battery that it also lighter and more powerful. We know Samsung has started to be aggressive by introducing new batteries at this month’s InterBattery event after months of working on a new battery technology.

There was a study before that gave the idea that solid-state electrolytes could improve batteries. Of course, let’s not forget that lithium-ion battery that can be recharged by sunlight.  This time, another lithium battery related study was conducted by Cambridge University researchers. They were able to make a lithium-air battery (still a laboratory model) that can be recharged over 2,000 times and has a high density.

The researchers published the paper that features their work about the possibility of lithium-air batteries replacing lithium-ions. While there’s also an effort to improve li-ion batteries, these Cambridge researchers are saying lithium-air batteries have potential to be the ‘ultimate’ battery because they are lighter and feature higher energy density. However, a market-ready lithium-air battery could still be a decade away. The researchers’ work didn’t even yield a working lithium-air batt but they found out some hindrances are now open for discussion and can be dealt with.

A lithium-air battery, just a demonstrator, was produced. It can contain power but sadly, can’t be cycled as frequently as current lithium-ion batteries. This one can cycle in pure oxygen only which makes it not so convenient. The Cambridge researchers explained, “The cells tolerate high concentrations of water, water being the dominant proton source for the LiOH.”  They built the battery in such a way that the lithium hydroxide (LiOH) becomes a discharge product instead oflithium peroxide (Li2O2) when experimenting with  (Li-O2 batteries).

Researchers explained that such battery  was composed of the following: graphene oxide electrode, lithium metal anode, lithium iodide (LiI) additive, and a dimethoxyethane solvent. The result: lithium hydroxide was formed and removed during charge and discharge.

Cambridge Department of Chemistry’s Professor Clare Grey said:
“What we’ve achieved is a significant advance for this technology and suggests whole new areas for research – we haven’t solved all the problems inherent to this chemistry, but our results do show routes forward towards a practical device.”

Grey further said, “While there are still plenty of fundamental studies that remain to be done, to iron out some of the mechanistic details, the current results are extremely exciting – we are still very much at the development stage, but we’ve shown that there are solutions to some of the tough problems associated with this technology.”

The lithium-ion battery used as standard today is almost 25 years old. The technology can still be improved but a new battery technology is more than welcome.  The concept of lithium-air rechargeable battery is a great idea but scientists and researchers lobbying for this one must hurry. You know how everything in the tech business can be predicted, conceptualized, manufactured, rejected, and then forgotten. In this rapidly developing world, nothing is impossible now. You just have to be quicker than quick to thrive in whatever business you’re in.

And this lithium-air battery? We’d better see the technology as soon as possible. A decade of waiting as the researchers mentioned is such a long time.

VIA: Ars Technica

SOURCE: University of Cambridge

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