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Dolphin Browser updated for Android 5.1

Because of the Android Lollipop update, most Android apps on Google Play Store are being updated as well. This is normal and it’s no different for the Dolphin Browser which features smarter downloads, improvements for Android 5.1, faster URL Input, enhanced Dolphin Connect functionality, Wi-Fi only download limit, and a Flash game mode.

The Dolphin v11.4.9 actually works better now with Android 5.1 Lollipop. Others may not notice the difference but browsing experience is expected to be more stable and smoother than ever. Those blank screens and Flash issues have been fixed so you won’t encounter them anymore. As with any app update, this one will make surfing and browsing websites faster.

Dolphin v11.4.9 limits download to WiFi only. This means if you lose WiFi connection, app won’t connect and use cellular data to complete download. This way, your precious mobile data usage is saved for those those times you really need it. Bandwidth costs can be reduced, as well as, battery life is preserved. This change has been made because compared to 4G and 3G networks, WiFi is definitely more eco-efficient. To enable smarter downloads, just go to Settings> Downloads and choose ‘Download files on Wi-Fi only’.

Flash Game Mode allows playing games on your web browser. And with a smarter keyboard, you can now type URLs faster when browsing. Unlike before, the Android app now shows the “www.” and “.com” as shortcuts so no need to type them in full just to load the site. As for the address bar, you’ll notice it looks simpler with the domain name only being shown.

Other important improvements include adding the weather icon with a single tap to the address bar, Google account login support, remembering login details, easier clearing of browsing history, plus double tapping on the tab bar to easily close tabs that are open.

Download Dolphin Browser for Android from the Google Play Store

Dolphin browser for android 1
Dolphin browser for android 2
Dolphin browser for android 3
Dolphin browser for android 4
Dolphin browser for android 6

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LG G4 highlights stand-out features in first TV commercials

LG is wasting no time in promoting their freshly released new flagship, the LG G4. They have released four TV commercials, with 15 and 30 second versions for each, putting the spotlight on three of the major selling points of the new smartphone: the leather backing, the Quantum IPS display, and the 16MP f/1.8 camera. They’ve also launched the tag for their marketing campaign for their new baby, which is “See the great, fell the great”. Okay, it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but sounds pleasant enough right?

There are no gimmicks, attempts at humor (we’re looking at you HTC), or even flashy visuals to these ads. They are just straightforwardly showcasing the three stand-out features of the One M9, showing behind-the-scene videos of how they are made. The first two videos is all about the leather backing of the smartphone, which is the first “real” leather (not the faux one from Samsung before) on a consumer product, excluding the designer variants that some OEMs have come out with. One video shows the black design, while the other shows off the brown leather, but aside from the color, the two ads are identical.

The third video is all about the device’s 5.5-inch Quad HD Quantum IPS display which will give you colors that are supposedly richer and more natural compared to other displays. It shows how they assembled the insides of the display to bring you a pretty outside with which to view your beautiful pictures. The final video shows the F/1.8 lens being applied in the assembly of the One M9, letting you take good-looking pictures even during low-light situations. The manual mode lets you adjust several aspects of the camera, including the shutter speed.

Reactions to the released specs of the LG G4 has been pretty good, with the device running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor with X10 LTE and having 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and the aforementioned 16MP camera and the pretty impressive 8MP camera. Let’s see if the reaction will still be the same when the actual phone comes out. Korea gets first crack on April 29, so let’s wait and see when the rest of the world will have it.

VLC for Android now supports background playback for video

The VLC app for Android has just been updated. You’ll see a few changes to VLC whether on your smartphone or tablet. Playing videos on the background is now possible while Audio Delay control has also been activated. If you use the VLC regularly, you’ll notice a new audio player look and some more Android Lollipop elements. As an open source cross-platform multimedia player, VLC is still being offered as a free app and remains as one of our favorite media players.

The VLC media player can play most multimedia files. It also supports several devices, network streaming protocols, and discs so anyone can enjoy their audio or video files. It’s actually a full audio player that can play most audio formats. It features a complete database and a good number of equalizers and filters.

VLC is a free app. It doesn’t offer any in-app purchases so you don’t have to worry about paying extra dollars to get the service you need. Play any file format from MP4 to AVI to MOV, MKV, M2TS, Wv, AAC, or FLAC. Developers have added all codec so no need to download anything. App also supports multi-track audio and subtitles, gesture controls, and aspect-ratio adjustments.

VLC for Android version 1.3.2 features a new look in the audio player. It shows a new Album view and the side bar has been tweaked a little. Each behavior has been improved as well and video play controller has been simplified. You’ll notice a new file browser too and more Android 5.0 Lollipop effects. Some errors and bugs have been fixed too on SD card browsing and hardware acceleration for TS file.

VLC for Android 1
VLC for Android 2
VLC for Android 3
VLC for Android 4
VLC for Android 6

Download VLC for Android from the Google Play Store

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